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Congratulations on this prototype! I hope you have the time and resources to work on it and finish it. I would love to play it. The design, illustrations and music are simply too beautiful. It reminded me a little bit of A Night In the Woods and also Oxenfree.

I think the rest of the people have already made the same observations I would make myself... so I'll leave it at that. I understand this is a work in progress.

It`s a pretty nice game,I do admit that!
And i`m probably going to harsh on a prototype,but we can`t forget that:

1)It`s full of grammatical errors and animation gliches

2)The choices you make don`t actually matter

and 3)The game is missing 2 full chapters,so we go from being teleported back in to the immediate end when we are left with little to know and really no change of outcome!

But don`t take my word for it,take the words of "3 weeks ago" me!

really really good start but it does need some work, particularly with the character design and grammar, in my opinion. the character design may be an artistic choice for you and that's okay but the grammar was so bad at times it made entire conversations nearly impossible to understand. But you do have a really good start here, a lot of potential.

... where ... where the heck is chapter 4, and 3 for that matter

The artwork is amazing. Love the backgrounds. It has a lot of potential, but still needs a lot of work in my opinion. There are a lot of typoes, grammar errors, and the story is a little confusing.

It's just the prototype, though, so I am sure all of these things will be worked out. Here is a review of the game. :)

I wasn't so sure when I started, but I am positive I want some more of this! More of an interactive novel, the artwork and style are just great!

This game was deep...I wasn't expecting sadness 0.o

Got some interesting stuff in here man. I gave a critique on your prototype.

where is chapter 3 and 4? or does it just skip those and chapter 5 is 3 and 4?